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From as little as $750 you can be online and doing business. Our Web Site Design Packages are all about producing effective online communication to help you build your business.

Wicked-Web stands apart from other web designers because our team consists of professional marketers who have an in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour. We are not ‘fly by night’ web geeks sitting in the basement of their parent’s home or a bunch of overseas sweat shop designers where English is their second language. We are a team with a true track record of working with some of the biggest corporate names in business.

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The Wicked team has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the corporate world and have a wide ranging experience that is sure to benefit your business

What we offer

Web Design

No two companies are the same nor should every web site be the same.  Some clients will only require a basic presence on the internet (Our $750 solution is perfect) yet some will require all the ‘bells and whistles’ technology can bring to bear. Choose from the following options or if you want something ‘unique’ on your site just call us!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our basic package includes basic SEO set up of your site, however there is MUCH more involved in ensuring your site starts to rank well (and stays ranked) on search engines. We can tailor make an SEO package for you that means your site is optimised throughout the year not just when the site is launched.

Marketing Consulting

The team at Wicked Web Design has a successful track record developing and implementing marketing strategies for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Other stuff

Content Management System (CMS) –

Control your own content from anywhere in the world. No need to rely on your designer to make changes to your site. It’s easy, just log in, make your changes and hey presto you are live…

Shopping Carts –

Secure transactions online allowing your customers access to your products from anywhere in the world.

Newsletters –

Engage with your customers more regularly. Need to keep them informed of new products or services? How about a regular newsletter. Seamlessly incorporated into your site allowing your visitors to opt in or out and let them choose how they want to receive the newsletter.

Analytics –

Want to know who is visiting your site and how long they spend on each page? Do you want to know how your adwords campaign is performing? How about tracking a campaign response from your traditional media through to your web site. It’s all possible with a well thought through analysis package.

Social Networks –

The way consumers ‘consume’ is changing every day. The importance of engaging with your market through social networking channels is becoming crucial to the success of businesses. We can build strategies that ensure you are ‘top of mind’ with your consumers.

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